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Lady Wora Killiana
of Pelgrims Ring - Killi


My beloved Killi, (Lady Wora Killiana of Pelgrims Ring) came to us from Wanda Oud, Holland, and immediately stole our hearts. She was supremely confident, had an incredible sense of humor, and could walk into a group of dogs either loose or tied and was always respected. She never took advantage of her superiority, she was the kindest dog one could imagine.

Killi was Best Puppy at the Albuquerque Leonberger National Specialty at four months old. At two years old she was Best of Breed at the Leonberger National Specialty in Ohio and finally Best of Opposite at the Boston Leonberger National Specialty. She loved to show until the day she died. She was featured at the top of the Leonberger of America national ad campaign for several years. (Ad shown below.)

As she aged she was allowed to roam inside or outside the house at will. She had learned to respect the invisible fence and knew how to ring the front door bell to be let in, even though no one used that door. She loved to sleep on the pillow on my bed, not when I was at home, she knew better. But when I left home, she would jump up on my bed, sleep on my pillow and look out the window, waiting for my return. She always met me at the door with a smile on her face and joy in her heart never suspecting my squashed pillow was a sure sign she had waited for me on my bed.

I have tears in my eyes writing about her as I miss her so much. She was such a joy in my life for 8 1/2 years. I will miss her until the day I pass over the rainbow bridge and see her again.


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