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Champion Wanerlands Gallant Grappo (Thor)

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About Thor

Wanerlands Gallant Grappo (Thor) came to me from an incredible breeder in Sweden. He and his sister Delta have been a joy from the moment they came out of their crates at the airport. Both are intelligent, healthy, they are now nine years old, and have produced wonderful puppies as well as being very important members of my family.

Thor began winning at shows as a puppy. He was a "people stopper" from the beginning. Where ever we went, folks were totally impressed with Thor and his sister's temperments and beauty. Delta was Best of Breed at the Colorado National Specialty at only eleven months old. The youngest any dog had ever won that honor at that time. Thor won several regional specialties and was Champion Male at two National Specialties plus innumerable show wins at other Leonberger Club of America shows.

Thor is a Leonberger Club of America, Category I, Excellent rated male. He is a large dog, 31 3/4", with huge bone and a beautiful red/blonde with black points coat. He has a goreous black mask (with some greying), to this day and produced that mask, bone, gorgeous angulation and wonderful temperment in his puppies.

Thor has to date sired ten litters; however, he has not been bred for four years. He is nine years old now and on being checked recently, had one billion semen, much more than most males have in their prime. The most notable thing about Thor's children besides their beauty, is their temperments. I have had calls from across the United States from people who have Thor children and grandchildren who want to tell me their dog has the famous Thor temperment. Thor is extremely gentle and loving with everyone he meets, from older people to babies. So gentle, the one thing I wondered was would he ever protect me? I found out the answer to that question when a robber came into my business. The entire story is on the website ( click here for Thor's story). Suffice it to say I was in extremely capable "paws" that day. I owe my business and perhaps my life to Thor. He is my friend, my protector and a beautiful dog as well. A very large, very beautiful dog to this day.

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