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I must have jumped back from my office counter; although I don’t remember doing so, but there was space for Thor to jump up between me and the 6’ 5” + guy (I swear he was that tall, he had to duck when he fled out the door) who grabbed for me.  One minute he was in my office asking me questions about products and the next he was intent on bad deeds… robbery, assault?  I shiver to think what the outcome would have been had my faithful companion and loving Leo Thor not been there to protect me.  I had always been rather lackadaisical about being sure a Leo or two was in my store during office hours.  No more!  One or two Leos are in here BEFORE I open the door!   Three faithful Leonberger companions and myself live in a woods ¼ mile from a country road.  My in-home business is wonderful as I am here with my dogs 24 hours a day.   I admit I wondered at times if these two girls 130+ lbs. and guy 175+ lbs. would ever protect me.  They love EVERYONE who comes in the door.  They are bound by rules to stay behind the counter as some people do not like dogs…..hmmmm, amazing; but after all we can’t all like vanilla and I respect peoples likes and dislikes.  Many of my customers come around the counter every time they are here to pet and get leaned on by my furry sidekicks.  Mothers allow tiny infants to crawl around the counter to bury themselves in Leo fur.  Older children and adults get nudged good when they venture around, as my buddies LOVE attention.  So I never really knew if my Leo loves would do anything should a “bad guy” come in.  Well rest assured!!  If you have socialized your dog well, meeting 100 people before the age of six months, (people of all ages, sizes, colors, shapes, people wearing raincoats and floppy hats, sunglasses, beards; off your property is a must too) taken he/she through obedience training and many different situations daily as they mature, you don’t need to worry!!  The more experiences you can provide your Leonberger the more they are able to judge normal behavior.  When adrenaline shot straight up through my body and out the top of my head, like lightening in reverse, Thor KNEW what that meant!  I have never seen a Leo move that fast.  One minute he was flat out on his side sleeping soundly and a couple seconds later he was facing this dude with a “its your move buddy, what’s it going to be” expression and his withers hair slowly rising to the occasion.  The adrenaline is what woke him as my clients and I laugh, wave our hands and generally have a good time on a daily basis, and it usually takes TWO calls to get any one of my Leos awake.  Now all three take turns sharing my office space daily, NO EXCEPTiONS.  The guy, I have since found out, is a felon who has been incarcerated for among other offences robbery and drugs. 

 I thought long and hard before writing this letter lest one think they want to make their loving Leonberger aggressive to make them more protective.  I have nothing against dogs trained by PROFESSIONALS for police work or executive protection or any other PROFESSIONALLY trained dog.   The problem lies with people who feel their dog will be more protective if they tease them into aggression.  WHAT A MISTAKE!!  Besides the poor dog being abused, one never knows when this abuse will translate into aggressive behavior to the wrong person or God forbid a child.  If your dog has a good temperament and you have socialized and trained him/her properly he/she will respond to you and others properly.   Besides I always say a burglar is bound to TRIP over a Leo in the dark!  

 Sondra Boos             

Sondra Boos, Oregon Ohio 419-698-4246