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Supplements are very important to the health of your Leonberger.   Cooked kibble lacks many nutrients.  Water soluble vitamins are very fragile and dissipate with heat so by the time your Leo is ready to eat the kibble, much is missing.   Dr. Billinghurst strongly recommends supplements even when one is feeding the raw diet.   He explained that a wild animal will eat the stomach contents first when it brings an animal down.  The stomach contents contain vitamins and enzymes that the dog needs to digest its food and remain healthy over time.  Since most of us do not bring down an animal for our canines to eat daily, we must supplement to provide the nutrients and enzymes they require.

I strongly recommend Shaklee nutrition as it is the only product processed with a cool process to keep the enzymes intact.  The raw materials are grown on organic soil and then they and the supplements go through 226 quality tests to be sure the nutrients in the product are bioavailable.  No other company checks its raw ingredients for purity, much less potency.  It is the only product I have found that is totally balanced, supremely important.   Dr. Bruce Miller, a world-renowned nutrition expert has looked at over 3,000 supplement companies here in the United States and has never found a supplement that is balanced except Shaklee.  Why would a company offer an unbalanced supplement?  Money.  If the more expensive parts of the supplement can be lowered or eliminated, the company makes more profit.  One is better off not to use supplements if they are unbalanced as the body must constantly rob the parts of the nutrient missing (or at improper amounts) from itself, thereby making the body more unhealthy than without supplementation.

Every one of my dogs get supplementation daily.  What have I seen with supplements and a good diet?  My dogs have never had a serious health problem plus no ear infections, no skin problems, good appetites, no bad breath, lots of healthy energy and they are pleasant to be around.  When my puppy people follow my nutrition advice, their dogs live long healthy lives.  When I get a call from a person who is sad that their dog died at eight years old, I always find they have been feeding a feed mill type of dog food (i.e. lots of corn and grains - cheap ingredients which cause allergies, diabetes, and death at a young age). Do not be afraid to give your dog people vitamins. Dogs are able to take the same type of nutrition we people do and thrive. Please ask me which of the supplements to give your dog.



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