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Welcome to Sentez



Welcome to my website. My Leos truly are my at-home family now as my children are all grown with their own homes. I live off a country road, in a woods, with lots of room for my Leo family to safely roam and still be in secure fences.

I was bitten by the Leo bug over 20 years ago when our first fuzzy ball of fur came to live with us. Troy was my daughter's dog and the start to the most incredible journey one can imagine. In those twenty years I have been owned by some of the most loving, intelligent, humorous Leo friends one can imagine. Killi learned to ring the bell to be let in even though no one ever used that door. Thor (whose story is shown as printed in the Leoletter a few years ago - click here to read the story) very likely saved my life when a thief on drugs came into my in-home business. They have taken me to the top at the top Leonberger show in the United States, the National Specialty, six times, with so many other honors it would be boring reading them. It wasn't me folks. It was because of the most incredible bundles of beauty and love I have been privileged to call my family. Thank you for visiting my website.


Sondra Boos, Oregon Ohio 419-698-4246